Getting To and Settled In Chiang Rai

by Emma Ruijun Ma, Work-Study Volunteer, IHF Thailand
This is the first week in Chiang Rai. To be honest, it is my first time to do oversea travel solely by myself. Actually, I just finished my final examination at 21st January and rushed to Kuala Lumpur Airport in the early morning on 22nd. The transfer station is the capital of Thailand, Bongkok, which is claimed to be in the state of emergency exactly on the date I arrived. However, you never know what the fact it is unless you have first-hand experience on the spot. Don Muang Airport gives me a feeling of security. There is as calm as it is used to be, I think.

Eventually I got to center in Chiang Rai nearly at midnight. My roommates are Melody and Zina. I have been warmly welcomed by my roommates. This center is surrounded by low hills and the air is fresh. Every morning the sunshine is warm and charming through it is quite cold at night, which may make you uncomfortable when you first come. It will take you a couple of days to acclimate to it.
Stay tuned for more!

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