Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

by Rich, Co-Director, IHF Kenya

The clumps and waifs of hair blow forlornly in the breeze on the dirt path outside the center. Looking like tumble weed from an old Western movie, the discarded curls and braids are the only reminder of last month’s fashions.


Hair today, gone tomorrow

It is very common in Kenya for women to change their hairstyle up to three times a month, but this is especially pronounced at the beginning of the year, when all the girls shed their colourful Christmas braids in favour of more conservative cornrows to go back to school.

This makes life very difficult for our new director Stephen. Having only just managed to work out which of the 35 girls have which hairstyles, they have all changed and look completely different. Even our new house mother Mercy (or Mama Jamo) confused us last week when she removed her tightly curled wig to reveal rows of braids underneath. 


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