by Jessica, Co-Director, IHF Aceh

Last week we were quite lucky to have one of Melissa’s friends offer her services to do an Oral Hygiene workshop. We had received a special donation from some friends, which allowed us to buy toothbrushes and toothpastes to each of our students as well.

Eno, a dental student, was visiting Banda Aceh for just a few days, and wanted to help IHF aceh3in any way she could. She came to the center, and first explained the importance of healthy teeth and gums. The SD1 and SD2 classes loved it even more, when Eno taught them a little jingle about healthy teeth!

We then all went outside to the garden, and all the students got a chance to brush their teeth, the proper way, as demonstrated by Eno.

aceh2The students tried really hard to make sure that their teeth were sparking clean! We even heard some of the kids say that they were going to teach their little siblings how to brush their teeth when going home! We really cannot thank Eno enough for taking the time to help us!

It is really important to educate our students about oral health, as they may not realize how interconnected it is to their overall health. Hopefully by providing them with the basic understanding of how important their oral cleanliness is they will start taking care of their teeth a little bit more, and even educate their younger siblings and parents about it!


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