The 2nd Week at Medan…

by Cynthia, Lynn, Susan, Voluntourists, IHF Medan

It is the second week,  as well as the last week we stay in Medan center of IHF.  We taught class 3 to 6, and junior class.  We separated the lessons into 3 parts; firstly, we taught children some basic vocabulary, then basic sentence structures, and finally we asked them to use those words and sentences to do some little practices. Although some of the children are naughty and some of them are shy sometimes, they are all very interested in playing games and singing English songs.  Besides, they are eager to learn.

When we ask them to write on the board, they are all active to raise their hands to join us.We felt satisfied when they got the right answer.  After several days of teaching, we enjoyed a great time at Lake Toba.


Although the living conditions are not as good as our home, we still regard this experience as a treasure in our lives.  It’s a great pleasure to hear the kids  call us “miss, miss, miss”, and bid farewell when the class is finished.

Despite the shortness of time at Medan Center, we learned a lot from children and staff here.  Thanks for all the help and support!




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