Field Trip to Tirtagangga

by Xavier Clapin-Pépin, Work-Study Volunteer, IHF Bali

Earlier this week, we went to Taman Tirtagangga park as a special treat for the girls who performed on New Year’s Eve. This was what they asked for in exchange for the funds that they raised. At the park entrance, everyone was attracted toward the two boa snakes. The girls were very scared 20140212_154801but me, I took my courage at two hands and touched the boas. Her skin is  rough and her little tongue was tickling me. Before  touching them, I asked to know if it was dangerous. The white boa is an american snake and the darker one is from Bali island.

Children were very excited with the idea to swim in the huge natural outdoor pool. They ran directly to the pool without paying attention to the beautiful statues and details of landscaping. I’m still stunned by the beauty of flowers, the arrangement of plants and the accuracy of details of sculptures.20140212_155116 20140212_155947

Atfirst, I was apprehensive over the possibility of taking a dip in the large pool of water. I finally get over my hesitation and I jumped in the water. What a relaxation !; the temperature was a little cold but  perfect for the body and it was a real pleasure during a hot tropical day.

Small natural waterfall flowing from the statues  allowed us to take a natural shower in the outdoor, what a joy. When I was in the pool I took the opportunity to have fun with children by transforming myself in villain shark tries to devour them.


The volunteers, the girls and I had the chance to observe many Coy fish. The Coy fish has a colorful history in religions and beliefs. One of the Buddhist Ashtamangala (Eight Auspicious Signs) is a pair of golden Coi fish called in Sanskrit, Suvarnamatsya,  that generally symbolize happiness. With this kind of beauty we could just be happy: I love Bali.


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