Impressions, Exams, and ‘Passing It On’ at Medan

by Pei Lifu, Voluntourist, IHF Medan

We started our first volunteering week with an exciting start. It took some time to establish the relationship with the students, however, the teaching life for several days made us familiar with the enthusiastic children, and gradually fall in love with them as well as the teaching life. MEDAN_PIO1 The exams and ‘Pass It On’ Ceremony were an exciting way to bring together the children and volunteers, and to demonstrate that what we are doing is indeed a very important milestone for the children.  We had exams, and then we prepared the ceremony, certificates and games. We have taught some Chinese games to them. During the game time, we had jokes with each other just like friends, and we learned some simple Indonesian words from them. MedanPIO2 We also enjoyed some amazing food and especially desserts, and definitely will not forget this day! medan pio4 It was a great time for all of us – thank you IHF Medan!  


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