Bali Celebrates ‘Pass It On’ !

by Dominika & Spring, Work-Study Volunteers, IHF Bali

The whole week before the big finale, we were busy full mid-year exams. We expected children with worries and bad moods. But their faces were full of joy and excitement. It seems they wouldn’t mind having exams every second class!  Even little 3-year old Damian, the child of our Co-Directors, was filled with anticipation: it was clear to all that something important and exciting was in the air!


Some of the students achieved excellent results, which made us proud to be part of  making them successful in their English, Math and Computer classes, and securing the fact that these are indeed really meaningful to them.

And on Saturday,  the biggest event of this week came…. 


All of the volunteers woke up before 9 o´clock and started with preparations for the Pass It On Ceremony. The whole ceremony was planned in the Lumbung (guest house) next to the swimming pool. We cleaned the place, adjusted music, brought snacks and blew what seemed to be hundreds of balloons.

The ceremony was supposed to begin at 12:30, but children came earlier. To make the waiting time more interesting, some of the kids could learn how to make bracelets, while other kids were transformed  into cats, mice and rabbits by our face painting artist volunteers.


Soon the small space of Lumbung was overcrowded with the children’s  laughter and jabber….  The most exciting moment of the whole ceremony – giving certificates was ready to start. Every attending student from classes SD1 to SD6, Junior and Senior, received a certificate and small present. Also the best students from every English and Math class were awarded with special certificates and prizes.

PIOBali6 PIOBali2

Some of the children came with their parents, who looked  proudly on and kindly brought fruits and crackers for sustenance.


When the official part was over, all the children gathered in front of the Foundation and started to play games. One of the most interesting games was the traditional Indonesian one with eating rice cookies on rope without touching them with hands. It was so funny for all partaking and watching, as you can see from the pictures.

While playing these games, children lost their shyness and inhibitions; they were bubbly, enthusiastic and loud with excitement. The games were a bit tiring (for all of us!), so after them they could enjoy small refreshment (drinks, snacks, cookies and fruit).


Time passed very quickly and there was not only the end of perfect day but also the end of a great semester. With a smile on both our and the kids’ faces, we bid farewell to these exceptional children on their special day! And it was in turn, very special for us, as well.


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