Jakarta: Exams and ‘Pass It On’!

by Helene, Co-Director, IHF Jakarta

This week is an important week for IHF students. Exams week, followed by the ‘Pass It On’ ceremony! From Monday till Wednesday, our students completed their Maths exams and from Thursday till Saturday, it was time to test their English!

jakarta exams 2As a teacher, there is nothing as rewarding as seeing that your students have remembered and learnt how to use what you spent so much time teaching them! For English, we now follow a well-structured curriculum and while it has really helped improving our teaching, it can be sometimes tough for new students who join in the middle of the semesters.

Jakarta_examsWe have to give them special attention while trying not to neglect the others. But we can be proud as quite a few of those new students have done quite well on their exams. A little extra-care goes a long way, it seems!

On Saturday, 15th of February, we organized our Pass it On Ceremony to celebrate the end of the first semester.During the ceremony, the three best students of each class receive a certificate and a gift, while other students have the opportunity to win small prizes by joining the games that follow.

PIOjak 3 Jak PIO5 PIOJak5 Pass it On 2

For all this week, our main focus was the preparation of the ceremony. We prepared the gifts, packed them, we got all the certificates printed, stamped and signed, we ordered snacks and got the house all cleaned up.
This morning, we were all excited at the idea of the rewarding of hard-working students with a day of fun! A day of fun for us too actually!
Students started arriving around 12pm and they played with the balloons Mindaugas inflated all morning. At 1pm, Ade opened the ceremony with Aflatoun songs our students all know by heart. Then, we started distributing the certificates and prizes. Everyone was so proud to come in front to be awarded.
Students posed for Arnau’s camera and Ade loved to accompany them on the pictures, showing us his great smile!
Once all certificates were given, games started. SD1 and SD2 played musical chairs and the battle for the last chair was tough! SD3 and 4 rushed to eat kerupuk (Indonesian crackers) as fast as they could, while the crackers hanged from ropes. SD5 and 6 joined a game of walking with spoon and marble without making the marble fall and a game in pair where balloons must be hold not using hands, but heads and dancing at the same time! SMP and SMA students helped us supervise the games and coordinate our younger students.
After making turns so students could try all games, it was time to go home and time for us to rest and clean again the house!
It was my first Pass it On Ceremony, and while I found it exhausting and can’t wait to go to nap, I have to say it also felt extremely rewarding. When I see the faces of the students getting their prizes, when I know how hard they have worked to obtain those results, when I play with them and they call me Big Sister and try to speak English to me, I know that all the hard work is worth it and it gives me so much strength to go on.
Thank you IHF children!

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