Midterms and ‘Pass It On’ Prep at Aceh!

by Jessica, Co-Director & Alexandra, Voluntourist , IHF  Aceh

This week was busy as we had to conduct our Midterm exams and preparing for the ‘Pass It On’ ceremony at Aceh. Having everything printed out and copying enough exams for all of our students was done in preparation for this week. We first conducted our English exams over the first few days, and towards the end, we conducted the math exams.


As this is the first time that we are implementing the midterm exams created by the IHF Teaching team, it is interesting to gauge and see whether they are suitable for the students or not. It’s difficult to balance it somehow, as we sometimes have such wide ranging levels within our classrooms, and the students’ attendance are not always as consistent as we had hoped. However, overall we could see a pattern with the results of the exams.

Aceh PIO3The students who did well, do indeed perform quite well in class, almost always attend class, are engaged in class, behave well, and have a thirst for knowledge and desire to learn more each time we meet. Perhaps with these results, we can chat with the students who are slightly behind, and encourage them to be more diligent and focused in class.

Shortly after exams, we held the ‘Pass It On’- where we  we were excited to distribute the prizes, certifications and recognition  for  our “Pass It On” Ceremony. Our Blang Krueng students were also invited to participate.

Aceh Pass It On

Organizing the  “Pass it on Ceremony” –  giving the children their mid-term certificates – and honoring  the best students was great fun. We prepared food, games and prizes for the kids and their parents. I think we Aceh volunteers, along with the diligent students, made an unforgettable and “happy day” out of it – as the children called it.

What a wonderful, memorable experience at Aceh!


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