Revamp in Chiang Rai!

by Jordina, Work-Study Volunteer, IHF Thailand

This week in Thailand  was amazing; now, I’m very happy to be here. There have been many improvements made, and they are all for the better! The center looks different, all the rooms are cleaner, the class room, the kitchen, the toilets, and the garden! 
Thailand2 Thailand1We had put a lot of hours to clean the center and now the children  are also doing a job good in the maintenance.The ambience is lovely; we put music on and are dancing, laughing together, going to the park, to the mountain.

So my week in Chiang Rai was nice and I feel grateful to the kids because they make possible that the center of Chiang Rai works better every day. The center of Chiang Rai needs the same effort every day because of the kids living there and the wear and tear of the place, so I admire the patience and dedication it takes to stick through the thick and thin for a long time!

thailand3During the morning some volunteers, a co-director and I went to the center city for walk and to get to know the streets better .Afterwards, we went to the white temple this temple is 30 minutes from Chiang Rai, it is a very beautiful temple and different from others that I seen.


At the end of the day, we went to the Saturday market;  it’s a very big market with the least expensive prices in all of Thailand.

After all of these changes for the better, I am experiencing a truly exciting, challenging and refreshing time here in Chiang Rai!


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