>>>>> Aceh Gets a Face-Lift ! <<<<<

by Jessica, Co-Director, IHF Aceh

Most of the students are back to the new semester, and it’s always great to see a fuller class. It makes lessons a lot more interactive, and of course, the children will always do something funny and more often than not silly, which makes the classes that much more enjoyable to teach.

This week was spent with revamping the center. Our backyard wall hadn’t been touched in a long time, so we have taken the past few weeks planning to cut some of the bamboo, paint the walls white, and invited some local artists to come and paint something for us.

Aceh revamp!

They have done an absolutely amazing job so far, and although it’s not fully complete yet, Aceh revamp 3it’s amazing to see a new animal added on to the wall each day. Aside from providing free English, Math, and Computer education, we also want to instill in our students, the importance of creative freedom, and how art is just as much an expression of our knowledge as the other core subjects.Aceh revamp2

We will be meeting with these artists as well, and starting in February or March, we will hold monthly Art Workshops with our students. Each of the artists have their own style, and it will be great to expose the students to different kinds of art!


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