Chiang Rai Day-to-Day

by Yuqi Chen, Voluntourist, IHF Chiang Rai | Thailand

The time I spent in the IHF Chiang Rai Centre is so far a really a good experience. In Yuqi 3Monday and Friday I got up at half past six to prepare breakfast for the kids. Firstly it was oat porridge, however just one kid ate it. It is a problem if the kids do not like the breakfast, they will go school hungry. Therefore, in Friday we changed food for breakfast, it was fried egg and rice, the kids like it so much and ate a lot. This is really a happy thing:  when the kids like to eat the food prepared by the volunteers.

In the morning, it is time for cleaning. I shared cleaning work with other volunteers and the team work finished in a good result. Constructing a good living environment is also very important for the growing up. Three little kids who are studying in the primary school finish class very early, so the volunteers need to pick them up. The kids always like to play all the way. While it takes a little bit longer to go home, this is a very good chance to know the kids and get along with them. Yuqi2

Yuqi Chiang Rai

At night, the most significant works for me are playing with little kids and preparing for dinner. As for dinner, I have prepared for about three times in a week. Sometimes I cooked, and sometimes I helped other volunteers to deal with the stuff. Although it is not difficult to play with kids,  the construction of friendship and trust with the children is more difficult. And I really enjoy the life in the centre.

I will start to give the high school girls Chinese class from next week, it will be very exciting (yay!)! .


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