Mixed Emotions at Jakarta

by Mindaugas & Helene, Co-Directors, IHF Jakarta

Last month was quite sad both in Jakarta and our center. Our dear director, Karolina, taught her last lessons in Jakarta center. We all went to have a goodbye lunch with Karolina; everyone was sad about her leaving us. Some of the classes even prepared special performances as a good bye present for her.  We also bid goodbye to our Chinese voluntourists Yuzheng and Yaohua, who left the center around noon. The girls were doing very well and the kids were having fun with them, their presence will really be missed.
Karolina_JakartaThus,  we woke up having 3 people short and it did not feel the same, but we wish them well in all their future endeavors and hope to have them among us again.

Another sad thing were the recent floods in the city. The  connection in the city was very inconvenient. I  (Mindaugas) was in trouble because I couldn’t come back from the dentist, since the road I took in the morning was flooded in the evening. So, I just  rolled up my pants  and simply walked through the water.

Jakarta floods

The flood situation now seems to be better and hopefully it doesn’t come to that this rainy season again….whew!!!


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