Paint Stripper and Power Shortages at Medan

by Rob, Co-Director, IHF Medan

The last few weeks have seen a process of regeneration beginning here at IHF Medan. The outside wall seems to have been in a state of flaky disrepair for some time now – soon it will be freshly coated in a new and colourful mural (currently being designed by the more artistically gifted of the two co-directors, Astrid). In the sweaty heat of the midday sun, we have been scraping off the old oil sheen inch by inch – a tiring, lengthy but necessary process – in preparation for a fresh coating to breathe some life into the old and tired cement. medan2

Hanging over our outside wall is the balcony, home to our newly repaired generator. After weeks of sporadic power shortages and desperate cries of ‘matilampu’ from the bewildered neighbourhood, we decided it was time to drag the old generator out of the backroom and have it patched up. Now when the grid shuts down we rev the rattling engine up and let the petrol do the rest of the work. Classes no longer have to be held by the light of LED lamps and the centre is fully functional once more.

Medan1The third in a hat-trick of rejuvenatory activities – our monthly cleaning day was carried out with great success. Medan’s litter that seems to drift in off the road like flotsam on the tide, coming to rest up against the outer wall and bamboo fence, has been swept away and disposed of. Any grit, dust, grime or dirt has been scrubbed from the interior, and outside has been brushed and broomed to within an inch of its life.

With preparations for ‘the big paint’ underway, the aesthetic future of our newly cleaned, newly powered Medan centre has never looked so promising.


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