Ade’s Birthday Celebration! at Jakarta

by Helene & Ayu, Co-Directors, IHF Jakarta

Recently, we celebrated Ade’s birthday! Ade has grown so much since he has joined IHF. It has almost been 8 years now that he is with us. We are so proud of him, the way he is becoming a man, studying hard, being responsible, helping around at the center. On the day of his birthday, our dear volunteer Dita came by. We had not seen her for few weeks so it was a pleasure and a great timing!

We went to a restaurant nearby and celebrated with a delicious brownie! Ade blew the candles after making a wish that we hope will come true very soon! We then went back home but Rahma, following Indonesian traditions had prepared some disgusting mixture to throw at Ade. However, he was cleverer and avoided it, coming back home untouched! Lucky him!

Ade_bday2 A few words by Ade himself for the occasion!

“Hi everyone, now I’m 23.  I’m so happy because on the day of my birthday, I got my university results and I got great scores! Everyone is so proud of me at IHF! We celebrated in Dapur Kita, all together and I escaped the master plan of Rahma of soaking me with flour and eggs. Thank you so much to my sponsors for helping me to pursue my studies! See you! “

adebday3 Ade bday


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