Colors, Coconuts & Concerts … at the Fair Grounds in Chiang Rai

by Jordina, Work-Study Volunteer, IHF Chiang Rai

This week in Chiang Rai was exciting because we took the small children to the fair. They were very happy to go there and all of us enjoyed the unforgettable moments!Wheel at CR

We ate street food, like BBQ’d meat with noodle for 15 bhat! Then sweet bread with all the flavors that you can imagine, then ice cream….mmmm…
Dessert donuts at CR
This ice cream surprised me a lot because the manner that it was made was  incredible. First they take a big piece of ice and  grind it, then it is  put  in a bowl, and you are asked what flavors  you would like: coconut, strawberry, orange, lime. As well, on the top of the ice cream you can choose between peanuts, dry fruits, piece of chocolate or cookies: no doubt,  this ice cream is delicious!

We saw sheep and we fed them ,  as well  as watching traditional dancing and a snake show that was truly amazing. Baby sheep_CR

The children went on  attractions they enjoyed a lot and we volunteers and Directors also played  some games, but  no one won anything!   All this while, we were listening the concert, so it turned out to really be a great, memorable night….for sure one that I won’t soon forget!


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