Food & Fun Days in Aceh

by Julia, Work-Study Volunteer, IHF Aceh

This weekend we organized a local fundraising event in Banda Aceh: a sandwich sale. We went to Blang Padang, a local part to try and sell our sandwiches. They could also choose bags with drawings made by our volunteers. It was also a great opportunity to promote IHF center in Banda Aceh and many young people were interested in the English classes while some were interested in volunteering!

Aceh 2

It is now Durian season in Aceh. One evening, we went to a restaurant called Candrien, which sell meals only made out of durian. We could hardly eat one spoon because of the taste. But Melissa (our Indonesian Co-Director) enjoyed it; she was the only one who liked durian!

Durian in Aceh

Alexandra and I also visited Takengon, a city in Aceh. While there, we visited Putri Pukes, a famous cave. Its story is about a woman who left her home to live with her new husband. Her mother told her to not look back or she would turn into stone. But on her way she did look back and it happened. In the cave we can see a woman-shaped rock with tears in her eyes. We also visited coffee and pineapple plantations. A world wide famous coffee called Luwak is produced in Takengon. It is the most expensive in the world!


 Alexandra, our voluntourist left on Saturday. So on Friday night we organized her farewell party and also celebrated Melissa’s birthday with our local volunteers. We ate delicious home-made cassava cake, French crêpes and gifts and greetings were exchanged. We wish Alex a nice trip around Indonesia for the next three weeks and a safe flight back to Germany. And of course Happy Birthday Melissa!


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