The Balinese Way… An account by 4 Voluntourists

by Sara, Serena, Amy, & Jason,  Voluntourists, IHF Bali Center 

It has been one week for us thus far here in Bali. When it comes to the volunteer life, it just likes a dream with the beautiful scenery, warm wind, soft waves and the lovely children. Thanks to the proper arrangement of the IHF teams, we could arrive at the center directly with the help of Agus who is the driver here, and then our ‘volunteer life’ could quickly start.

In the Bali center, we teach the kids English and Computer; during this process we gain a lot, like how to communicate with children properly and how we enjoy different cultures with the respect they deserve. The kids here are lovely, outgoing, optimistic and friendly, thus, it is easy for us to be friends quickly. Moreover, they are eager to acquire knowledge and they are diligent. When seeing the happy  and grateful smiles from their faces, we are rendered full of enthusiasm to teach them.

Bali 1

What impresses us most is how determined the children are. For example, in computer class: there are 14 kids but we just have 10 computers. Children always act happy despite the limitation of the computers or material things they call their ‘own’— they share with each other and practice the Microsoft Word and Excel carefully and seriously and help the others. 

Bali 2

All in all, we are very happy here and we will try our best to teach the children here, to exchange stories and to be friends with them. The volunteer life  in Bali is fantastic and it is already! an  unforgettable memory of all of us.  


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