First Impressions in Jakarta

by Yu Wang, Work-Study Volunteer, IHF Jakarta

I’ve heard of Jakarta and Bali for a long time. When I knew IHF aimed to help children had centers in the two cities, I applied to be a volunteer without hesitation.

During the first week working in Jakarta center, I taught Chinese classes for the junior high students. They learned fast, and can even make some simple Chinese conversations. I was glad that they liked my classes. They performed Indonesian pop dance for us teachers, and it’s interesting. Without much experience in teaching young kids before, I prepared for the classes carefully, and it’s a small challenge for me. I felt fulfilled that the children got involved in my classes.

Besides exchanging ideas with volunteers from other countries, I also communicated with local volunteers.


On Sunday, I visited Istiqlal Mosque and National Monument with local volunteer Melisa. She introduced more information about the two famous buildings and the city for me. People in Jakarta were nice. I experienced the city more, and it’s larger than I ever imagined. All of the things enriched my first week in Jakarta.

YuW._IHF Jak


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