Recruiting at IHF Bali

by Cassie & Qi, Voluntourists, IHF Bali

Waking up early the morning, we gathered and then went to the local market and surrounding villages for recruiting students to join our teaching classes. We walked through the market and then the side alleys of the city of Manggis, looking for our target audience to distribute information about our free classes (see areas on map in yellow).



People were nice to greet us and we allocated fliers to them. It was really a pleasure that some parents showed great interests and even asked us for more fliers so as to share information with their friends. At that moment, we were touched because of the parental concern about kid’s education. Actually, this was the first and the vital step to start our program wasn’t it?

We were grateful to have this kind of experience, even though we were a bit shy at first…. it was an important part of what IHF does and also a special cultural experience. On our way through the villages, we saw several amazing ‘family’ temples while walking through the villages and visiting homes. Recruiting Bali

Having been volunteering in Bali center for about ten days, we still have the feeling of accomplishment every time the kids learn something. We think it is this feeling that motivates us to teach and pass our limited knowledge to the needed children. Realizing how much we can and DO! do at IHF Bali —  from recruiting to teaching, to playing and interacting, to participating in community events and cleaning up our beach, it has been a humbling, once-in-a-lifetime, life-changing  experience for us!




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