What I like about Banda Aceh…

by Alexandra, Voluntourist, IHF Aceh

This week was quite exciting as we were organising two fundraising projects at the IHF Centre of Banda Aceh.


We were working on a video for “The Good Story Competition”, with which IHF wants to participate in a competition amongst other Asian NGOs. The film will show interviews between our volunteers and students about our work and ambitions and moments of our lives at the IHF Centre and in Banda Aceh.

In my spare time, I have enjoyed visiting the the many coffeeshops in Banda Aceh. Here you can get in touch with the local people, have a nice chat, try their delicious coffee and some traditional food like Tempe – a soy cracker with a spicy sauce – or Martabak – a very buttery cake with different toppings like banana and cheese or chocolate and peanuts – delicious!


Besides that, I took my first surf lessons at the Lhoknga Beach 10km outside of the city. My teacher is a local surf addict who was very patient but would not understand my difficulties with the board.  It was a lot of fun, though very tiring after a couple of hours.

I really enjoy my time at the Centre with my colleagues from all over the world and the students who are very sweet, curious, and diligent.Aceh 3

Besides that, I have become fond of the city of Banda Aceh, from its young and fresh atmosphere to its very open-minded and friendly people.


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