Aceh Projects in Action!

By Jessica, Co-Director, IHF Aceh

This week was quite a relaxing week as many of the previous projects that we had spent weeks planning have finally been implemented.

We started a new art class, which has so far been quite a success with the students that signed up. These classes were started as a project between the Banda Aceh IHF Center and some local artists.

Aceh2Each month one specific person will teach a designated topic to the students. This month, Mita (the teacher for March), has been focusing on imagination, creativity, and how to nurture it into a work of art. They started the lesson by drawing whatever they could think of with their eyes closed. Then they moved to drawing anything they could think of with specific shapes (squares, circles, rectangles, etc). They have also started on free creative writing. We hope that the skills that our students learn in these classes can expand into their everyday lives as well.





Aside from that we were very sad to see Julia, our French Volunteer go. She was to say for six months, but had to leave early. She was an indispensable addition to the center, and we will surely miss her. She helped the center tremendously with the classes, and always took the initiative to think of things to do that could improve the center- a   garden and  French classes, for example. Thanks for all your help, Julia!



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