Things a’movin in Jakarta…

by Mindaugas, Co-Director, IHF Jakarta

It was quite busy week for us. Firstly, we were fully cleaning our center. You can’t imagine how much dust were cleaned ! We moved around some things; the center looks way bigger now. Also, our roof is also being repaired—fortunately not by us, but by professionals ! 🙂

We also started football classes again. It takes place on every Sunday at 11am.  It  was raining on Saturday night, thus only several kids came, however next week we expect 2-3 times more ! All of us say thanks to Louis who is willing to spend his spare time for IHF kids. Moreover, Football classes are not only about football,  Louis also aim to teach English as well ! HE always initiates warm up for all parts of the body so kids learn such words like legs, knee, shoulder, hand and etc.


We had lots of work this week but it was definitely rewarding, and we ended the week with a big smile on our faces. Moreover, all of us went to eat Satay. It was really delicious… 🙂

Things are definitely moving at the Jakarta center!


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