Bali Bracelets, Renovations and more! at IHF Bali

By Josie, Voluntourist, IHF Bali

As time goes by, we have come Bali center about two weeks. Last week we painted the center. It was a very interesting project. From that project,  some of us (me included) we learned  a lot, since some of us had never painted before we came here. Lucky that Gregor, our Co-Director, was pretty professional and helped us all finish a project without any problem! Now the Bali center feels even more like a sweet home.



And this week we also had a big project, which was to teach the children how to make bracelets in the various styles that we ourselves had learned as children…. it was time to think back quite a few years!!!! Bali Beads

Bali beads2

Actually, to make bracelets is not a difficult thing, but we need to translate the ways in english and teach them step by step. Finally these bracelets, which made by the children will sale to people. And the proceeds will help to teach them the value of money, and remind us volunteers about the relation of what we have in our countries and homes.

Balibeads4 Balibeads5

These children are so smart !  They are so beautiful  – both inside and out!  And how clever!  After they finished the bracelets, they smiled and gave it to me without hesitation. When I see such smiling faces, I just felt that all the hard work was worth it. This class not only teach them how to earn money by themselves, but also teach them a skill.


But  one thing in Bali that I learned was that,  in fact, I didn’t teach them a lot compared to what they taught me!

Thank you all of you. I will never forget the time I stayed here and was able to be part of this Bali family!




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