Fundraising Fun

by Melody, Work-Study Volunteer, IHF Thailand

It is officially hot here in Chiang Rai. The kind of hot that makes everyone lethargic and causes us to go through our water supply much quicker. Fortunately the nights have been really pleasant; unfortunately the mosquitoes have not been. I think I counted 15 bites on my legs alone!

The center is buzzing with excitement from the upcoming school break for the children. Some of the children are already done with their exams and will be visiting their villages soon, but many of them will stay at the center. Having the children around all day, every day, creates a lot more work for volunteers, especially in the cleaning department (I still have no idea what they do that makes the bathroom so dirty), but it is also a lot more fun. With this weather, trips to the nearby swimming pool definitely need to be planned!

The big news here is the success of our fundraising event! We planned a trivia night at a local restaurant just three weeks before it took place and worked very hard to market the event. Nobody likes like to approach people on the street but we were determined to do our best, so we handed out flyers and put them up in popular areas. The results were good, especially since we weren’t sure what to expect. About 20 people showed up to take part in our trivia and they all had a great time. The food at Barry’s World Class Hamburger was good and the trivia questions were tough. The volunteers had a blast running the event and George did a great job as MC. All in all, we took in 1830 baht and we hope to do even better next time!



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