IHF Extends a Literary Hand

by Rob, Co-Director, IHF Medan

As part of our recent drive to reach out to local universities and schools, I went this week to IAIN in order to meet some students and spread the word about IHF Medan. Amongst other things, we got chatting about literature and creative writing, an artistic outlet that seems to garner quite a bit of interest in older student communities here in Medan. After a bit of encouragement, several of the students were even willing to show me some examples of their work. Riding on their enthusiasm, we have decided to hold a bi-weekly workshop to discuss their own writing as well as literature in general.


This is an example of the kind of outreach work that IHF is capable of doing – as well as our usual evening classes here at the centre, for no extra cost, co-directors and volunteers are able to communicate with and study alongside members of the local community who lie further afield than the classrooms of the centre. After a few meetings at their campus, we are hoping to get some of these university students to come and talk to our own, younger kids about their literary work, in an attempt to foster some artistic interest and creativity amongst the younger years.

Watch this space.


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