New Faces & Fundraising with JABA in Jakarta

by Luliia, Work-Study Volunteer, IHF Jakarta

On Tuesday, our family met it’s new member. Sarah is an HR
manager from the United Kingdom. Sarah brought some stationary from England
to donate to IHF Centre, including some great flashcards. She was assigned to teach the smallest of our kids– SD1 and SD2. 

As to our work, we were really productive. On Saturday, Sarah, Ade and I went recruiting in a new area and we quickly saw results with several new students registering. 

On Sunday, we had a local fundraising event. JABA (Jakarta Bengoli Association) visited us. It was introduced to us by Sanjay, the sponsor of Ayu. Despite being organized on a Sunday, the event attracted a lot of students. We watched “5 Elang” movie about an Indonesian boy becoming a boyscout in Indonesia. Then, the kids ate a delicious lunch. JABA also kindly made a donation to Jakarta IHF centre which will allow us to buy some new computers. We are all very grateful and happy about this. Thank you JABA! We are looking forward to more events and exchanges with the association.
Leisure time was good as well. I’m fond of zoos! And I was really surprised by
the Rawamangun zoo where we’ve been with Sarah. It took us 4-5 hours to see it. Animals are mostly local. But all predators look really bad. I don’t know whether it is because of weather or because of the lack of meat. The territory of the zoo is really
huge. And at least it is green and you can walk without of crowds of people.

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