Arts in Aceh

by Jessica, Co-Director, IHF Aceh

This week was a normal week with all of our usual classes. It was also the last class for the Art class with our teacher Mita, and we wanted to thank her for giving amazing lessons about how to use imagination! The students have enjoyed the class tremendously and are excited to get started on the next batch of classes. Next month, they will have a new teacher, Ferry, who will teach them sketching, and we are all excited to see that as well!

Aceh22 Aceh

It was also the last week the month in our curriculum, so the students were pretty well acquainted with the material, and were able to produce language patterns without any major issues. It’s great to see them speaking with confidence and pride. We also held our bi-weekly test, and even though some of them still had a little bit of trouble, most of them were able to complete it without any issues.


Finally it was also Melissa’s last week. On Saturday, we didn’t hold our ordinary classes for the second hour, and had the students write goodbye/thank you letters to Melissa instead. She has been such an integral part to the IHF Banda Aceh family, and all the students, parents, local and international volunteers alike will truly miss her. However, we wish her the best in all she does in the future, and we know that she will make just as much impact in other people’s lives as she did on ours.


Good luck Melissa!


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