Farming at Nakuru

by James, Work-Study, IHF Nakuru

This has been an interesting week.  I went from working in an office with cold air conditioning to planting seeds in a field in Africa. When I arrived at the center a few days ago, I was pleasantly surprised. I had heard that there were 70 kids, and I imagined madness. However, I found just the opposite. I was greeted with warm welcomes and smiles.

After getting settled in, the Directors met with me and told me we were to start planting seeds in the field. I was a bit troubled by this, as I have no experience in farming. Fortunately for me, there were tons of children to teach me how. We started the first day of planting with mild expectations, hoping only to plant a few rows. To our surprise, we planted a lot more. A whole lot more. Once we got started, no one wanted to stop.


We have been planting for two days now, and it is believed we will have enough maze to last a year. Soon, we will start planting beans. I never thought I would enjoy farming, but I do. It is really enjoyable getting out with the children to plant and play in fields.



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