Goings-On in Thailand

by George, Work-Study, IHF Chiang Rai

The last week or so has seen a number of departures from the Chiang Rai centre. First, two of our volunteers, Madalina and Melody, waved us goodbye, departing respectively for Indonesia and Cambodia. We’ll miss them and the adventures we’ve had!

george thailand



And then, with school having finished for the summer break, a lot of the children left also to return to their home village for a few weeks. We have said goodbye for now, but are rather expecting to see their faces before too long, once village life gets a little dull or friends remaining in Chiang Rai are missed too much.

A few of the kids are planning on staying at the centre throughout the summer. The eldest boy, Darid, is sitting just opposite from me as I write. After a bit of fiddling, he has managed to get an old centre computer working. Good work! It has sat unused and presumed broken for the past month. Now it is providing a bit of light entertainment, with the bright lights of a game up on its screen. Our centre co-director, Joy, has also spoken to me about her plans to sign up a few of the kids to some music lessons over the next few weeks. So that should provide another welcome, and hopefully worthwhile, diversion during this slightly quiet holiday period.

The volunteers and co-directors have taken advantage of the peace and quiet in the centre for a bit of spring cleaning. The communal area just outside the boys’ rooms has been given a thorough, and much needed, dusting down. We found all sorts of things in there. Now everything’s looking much better, and as a bonus, a few presumed-lost items of clothing have been returned to their rightful owners as well!


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