Hellos & Goodbyes at Aceh!

by Jessica, Co-Director, IHF Aceh

This week has been a somewhat busy week as we have been rearranging a lot of our class schedules with the local volunteers. We have been quite fortunate to have had a lot of people join the Banda Aceh IHF family. For a long time we have been short staffed on Math teachers, and luck would have it that many recent graduate students decided to come and volunteer with us. Many of them are accounting or math majors, so we are quite fortunate to have them!


Melissa, our co-Director since August of last year has also been offered a position back in her hometown, which means that she will not be able to stay here with us any longer. We are sad to see her go, as she was an integral part of the center. Without her many things would not have been accomplished. She has also built great and long lasting relationships with all the volunteers she has come across, parents, and students alike and we are truly sad to see her go. Nonetheless, we know that she will continue to do amazing things wherever she goes, and we wish her the best of luck. We will be holding her Farewell party next weekend, so we can say our proper goodbyes then!


We also started an extra small class for some of our long-term local volunteers. As they are still college students, they are usually quite busy with their school work, and yet still find time to help us here at the center. They hope to take the Toefl exam over the next few months, and requested me to help them.


So we started a small class with them, and hopefully I can help them improve their English skills, and improve their Toefl scores as well.




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