Jakarta Family Outing at Dufan

by Helene & Timea, Co-Directors, IHF Jakarta
This Monday, the Jakarta family went to Dufan! For those who do not know, Dufan is Dunia Fantasi (Fantasy World), a theme park located in the North of Jakarta. We took advantage of the public holiday of Nyepi (the Day of silence, the Hindu New Year) to go to the park with the children.
It was also the chance to enjoy an amazing promotion, as annual passes cost the price of a normal ticket till that particular day.
Everyone was super excited at the idea of trying out the crazy roller coasters and other attractions. 
On the morning of Monday, we all woke up very early in order to avoid crazy queues. Timea and Yu Wang, two of our volunteers, didn’t accompany us, as it is important that the center stays opened to any prospective students or children who would like to enjoy our library during the day. But next time, we’ll make sure that they go! 
Luckily, the traffic was really good and we reached Dufan in less than an hour. Then started the ticket queue, but we quickly managed to get them and ran to do our annual passes. After some waiting time and being separated, we finally reunited to start the amazing rides. The older and taller group went on to try Hysteria, Tornado and Kicir-Kicir, crazy roller coasters that made us scream but still ask for more, while the younger and shorter went for some swings and less scary attractions.
For lunch we all reunited on the grass for a picnic with food Ibu had cooked for us. As usual it was delicious! 
Then, we went on for more rides, but between the boiling sun and the big crowd, we quickly got tired. The last ride even made some of us dizzy. Actually it was already the end of the afternoon, and the day had passed in an instant! We all decided it was time to go home.
ride jakr
On the way back home, most of us slept in the bus, dreaming of going back there with our new annual passes! Can’t wait for the next time! 
On Tuesday, Yu Wang left the Jakarta Center but not Indonesia, she went to Bali our Bali center to spend yet an amazing month helping IHF.
We weren’t long without a work-study volunteer because Julia from Ukraine joined us on Wednesday! She arrived to Jakarta in the evening and she started to work the next day. She is actively participating in the life of IHF and she is very interested in the everyday lives of Indonesian people. She already signed up for the local gym and encountered some locals during recruitment day on Saturday. We do hope that she will have a good time here with us during her month in Jakarta!
On Saturday we also had an Art class with Prudentia!! The children could make their very own friendship bracelets. Needless to say, they all enjoyed this activity very-very much! We hope to have more of these classes for them in the future, it is not only fun but it also develops their creative skills and dexterity!



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