Nelson’s Progress Report!

By James, Work-Study, IHF Nakuru

Nelson is not your typical 16 year old boy. He is the quiet, determined type of person that has goals and will do whatever it takes to accomplish it. He is on the track team, competing in the 1500m and 3000m events, and does well. While he doesn’t win every race, he is always in the mix. I do not see him at the center very often, because he is either training or study. Most kids here in Kenya say that they want to be a doctor, nurse or engineer when they get older. Not Nelson, he wants to be a sports journalist. It is refreshing to hear one of the kids say that, showing that they have really given thought to their future and not just saying the same old thing as everyone else. When I asked Nelson why he wanted to be a journalist, he looked at me as if I had just asked the dumbest question in the world. He then told me that he loves football and running, and cannot think of a better job than covering sports events.


Saturday, Nelson was given a great opportunity. One of the directors had met the station chief of Standard Media, one of the local papers, out in town. After talking for a while, they arranged for Nelson to spend a few weekends shadowing the local sports writer. Nelson was stoked, and woke up very early on Saturday morning.

As we walked out of the center to the bus stop, Nelson played it cool, and did not let his excitement show. He was his usual quiet self all the way into town and right up to when we entered the office of Standard Media. When he realized that he was actually going to shadowing for a day, his eyes lit up and a giant smile came across his face. It was a great “Christmas morning” smile. After all of the introductions were over, I high fived Nelson and told him to have fun, and then left. I saw him the next morning, and asked him how it went. He loved it. After working in the office for a while, he we went out with a writer and covered a local football match. He had a great time, and will continue to shadow for a few more weekends until school starts.


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