Teaching Chinese in Jakarta

by Yu Wang, Work-Study, IHF Jakarta

This week, I kept on teaching Chinese for the junior high school students and English for the younger children of SD 1, 2, 3, 4, 6. Familiar with the common characteristics of teenagers, I got along well with the junior high school students, and now they could speak some Chinese sentences. I was happy to witness their progress.


I prepared for English classes more carefully because of the difficulty of teaching young children. Besides teaching, I also needed to maintain discipline in the classroom. The goal of education was guiding children to study, think and explore. It’s more important for children to learn something in IHF because of their limited learning resourses and poor conditions, and they could not waste time in class. I felt achieved when the kids acquired English vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation that I taught.
800px-JakartapostofficeToday, I spent time with Timea, the new Co-Director. She had a good sense of direction in Kota and is good company, in general. We found many new places of interest in Kota. It’s good that we met, and I will surely cherish the two weeks we spent together.


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