A Floyd Fan in Nakuru!!!!!

by James, Work-Study, IHF Nakuru

A few days ago, I took Bryan into town to get some school clothes. Bryan is deaf, but has developed his own type of sign language to communicate with the staff and other kids. We bounced around the markets picking up his uniform and a new pair of shoes, and then we grabbed a bite.

When we walked into a local restaurant, Pink Floyd was playing over the sound system. I am a Floyd fan, so I was happy to hear them. The restaurant played the Wish You Were Here album the entire time we were there. Samosas, Kabobs and Pink Floyd is, in my opinion, a near perfect lunch.

After eating and relaxing, I asked Bryan if there was anything else that he needed. He signed that he needed a T-shirt, so we went back to the market. As we entered the area, I saw a man sitting on the sidewalk with a stereo blasting Dark Side of the Moon. I found this a bit strange, as, until that day, I had yet to hear Pink Floyd anywhere in Kenya. I walked over to Bryan, and asked him if he found a T-shirt that he wanted. He smiled at me, and held up a Pink Floyd shirt. I took it as a sign from the universe that I needed to listen to more Floyd and play it for the kids as well.

So we bought the T- shirt, went back to the center, and listened to some Pink Floyd. They didn’t really care for most of it, but kinda liked a few songs. It was a strange and fun day, and I learned a lot of sign language from Bryan. And, the best part, it was all with Pink Floyd playing in the backgroundFloyd day.


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