Colorful Contrasts in Jakarta

by Julia K., Work-Study Volunteer, IHF Jakarta

As toKaraoke in jakarta our at-center life, the most outstanding thing for me now is taking over all Sara’s classes after her departure. So now I have SD1 , SD2 , SD3,  SD4,  SD5 , as well as  some Aflatoun classes. For me, it is a little bit challenging, especially SD2, as it is not that easy to make them listen.  I can be proud of myself: at last I managed to memorize names of most of the children.

On April 15, we celebrated Timea’s Birthday. We were happy to have  two cakes in the morning, a nice dinner in the afternoon, and visit to karaoke in the evening. Children are far more talented in singing than the Co-Directors and Volunteers.

We also organised our books and tools in the center. So now one can easily find nails and fake Parker pens.

About my personal experience, at last I went to see the Southern part of Jakarta. There is a Sudirman Street full of shops and fashionable places nearby. Such as a Skye Bar on the 56 floor of a Grand Indonesia Mall. It is impressive to see the huge difference between poor and rich while comparing such expensive and beautiful places and the slums we went to visit in the morning for recruiting.

Slum Jakarta Julia in jakarta

Myexperience was definitely one of many contrasts! Thank you for the experience, IHF!

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