Between Waterfalls in Medan

by Rafa, Co-Director, IHF Medan

This week, after overcoming (this thanks to our Co- Director Astrid’s tenacity) the “slight” problems concerning the always complicated logistics of moving many people, on Thursday at 7am, all of us left our IHF Medan Center to spend a great day together and visit Terjun Tarunggang Air, Pelangi Air Terjun and Linting lake. Fifty people, including students, mothers, local volunteers and co-directors, were checked in on a list and departed excited.

P1020127After settling into the vans chosen for the journey, and enjoying the views of the island of Sumatra and its, not always comfortable, roads, we arrived at Tarunggan Waterfalls. Following a short walk through rows of trees, we ended up in a beautiful lake dominated by a waterfall. Experiencing a little adventure, crossing the IMG_0248lake through a slim path, some of us swimming, others taking advantage of the rocks, we arrived at a small beach. In this wonderful place we spent a couple of hours enjoying the lake, a refreshing swim and the sun. Thousands of photos were taken and we felt like some kind of “sailors” taking advantage of a small bamboo raft that was there.

P1020070A short ride later and our vans arrived at Pelangi Waterfalls. After a tortuous path, we accessed a group of waterfalls and experienced that cool sensation of feeling the water spray and the powerful jet of the waterfalls. There, we enjoyed the scenery and took another 3,000 photos. Although it wasn’t possible to swim, the view was really worth it and the kids enjoyed playing and feeling the water over their heads like a giant shower.

P1020160Finally we headed to Linting Lake, which is a volcanic lake with hot springs. In spite of this lake’s water temperature, we could swim, play on the shore, eat and rest without forgetting to spend another great time talking animatedly.

Exhausted by the sun and the long day, but all very happy, we returned to the IHF Medan Center; however, instead going straight to their houses, all the children sat down in one of the classrooms to let us know how grateful they were to us for organizing this adventure. And with the promise of making similar trips in the near future, we “lifted up the camp”.

Danau Linting




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