Jakarta’s little helpers

by  Tanaz M. and Khatdija M., Voluntourists, IHF Jakarta

Among the many exciting activities that took place at the IHF Center in Jakarta this week, two events stand out. On Wednesday, as we were cleaning and re-organizing the center’s library, all the children gathered around to help us accomplish our task. Treating the task as a game, they all contributed to the beautification and organization of their library. Together, we finished the task quickly and efficiently. Some of the children even found new books that interested them and began to read.


The second activity that stands out was even more fun! On Saturday, we held an art class. We taught the children how to make paper snowflakes. First, we all decorated and colored our papers. Then, we folded them and cut out intricate designs. The students really enjoyed their artwork. They all made two snowflakes and some of them even decided to take their work home to show their parents. The snowflakes looked so pretty that we decided to hang them up in the center. Every time we see them swaying in the breeze, we are reminded of a fun afternoon spent in the company of sweet, creative, and fun-loving children.

10362966_10154164956885367_2042618116_n 10396623_10154164956890367_1911099752_n


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