Those little pleasures in Bali…

by Naike, Voluntourist, IHF Bali

A day like today, exactly two months ago, I took a flight from Spain and five days after (prior stop in Bangkok) I arrived in Bali, ready to live a new experience. The IHF house was very easily recognizable, even at night, with those colorful hands in the main door. Everything looked idyllic in this small village, Buitan; also my colleagues, the volunteers. Yes, I was and I am very happy with them: nice, funny and very capable people.

foto naikeStarting the classes with the children was nice but challenging. Most of them are really interested in learning as much as they can, but as always, it happens that others like to test your patience! (Hehe). Coming to the center means for them not just an opportunity to improve their academic knowledge, but also to enjoy their free time with rackets, cards and specially to socialize with the rest of the children and volunteers for several hours. The center is a very good way to keep them busy doing productive things.


During the classes, as a teacher, you don’t just teach them “The pronouns”, “The body parts”, “The time” or how to write texts using Microsoft Word… You also ask them to speak not so loud and to sit properly because most of them can fold themselves like meat hooks on the chairs! Anyway, after one hour of class, trying to be sure that they understand you, you realize that it was actually pretty good and that they learnt something, so you can finally stop to sweat, because normally you just don’t sweat through your pores, but also your soul!


Luckily, we always find room to relax a little bit, try the local food, meet new people, go to the beach, to yoga classes or visit new places, which turns all this “crazy, noisy and busy” days into a memorable and fun experience!


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