A Trip to Tuti’s Village

by Rob, Co-Director, IHF Medan

This week, Astrid and Rob travelled outside of Medan to the village of a longstanding friend of IHF, a woman called Tuti. After a brief tour of the nearby plantations, now lush, green and hinting at an approaching harvest, we journeyed back to Tuti’s house to do a bit of out-of-centre teaching. Tuti runs English language lessons for kids out in the village and they’re always willing to have a few native speakers come in and confuse everyone with their accent.

Visit to Tuti's village 2

Astrid taught a younger group of kids, whilst Rob played scrabble with some of the older students and tried to explain what ‘environment’ meant. He ended up scribbling a factory and a few cut down trees on a piece of paper, but the message wasn’t particularly well conveyed. After a round of photographs and farewells, we travelled back to Medan.

Visit to Tuti's village (1)


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