Exam Time in Bali!

by Candice D., Voluntourist, IHF Bali

For students around the world, the word EXAMS instils fear and panic. It is a time to study, re-learn and remember everything you have learnt in previous classes. At The IHF Bali Centre, the end of year exams occur at the end of June. This week, the students have started preparing for their exams. On completion, they will be recognised at a ‘Pass it on’ celebration, to congratulate them on their hard work.

My favourite part about being a Voluntourist at the Bali centre has definitely been watching the students and how they apply themselves to their studies. They are always happy to participate. They are not scared to sit at the front of the class, speak up, be the first one finished with their work or ask questions.

Yoga bogaOn Saturday, which is ‘project day’ at the centre, many of the children participated in making bubble art. This was a welcome break to their studies, and they had lots of fun in making lovely, colourful pictures which we have now hung around the centre.

 Arts2 Arts1

Another distraction from studies has been the welcome arrival of the centre’s cutest resident –Bessie. Bessie the puppy has been inundated with lots of love and cuddles from both children and volunteers alike. She is being cared for by the centre until she finds a new home. Although, she is so sweet it will be hard to give her up! Thor, the head dog of the house is clearly not impressed.

BessieNueva imagen (1)

Whether it’s work or play, we can learn a lot from these children. Always keep a smile on your face and happiness in your heart, and enjoy life – it’s an adventure!



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