Simple Pleasures at Nakuru

by Nora S., Work-Study Medical Intern, IHF Nakuru

The other day, I was washing my clothes at the center and a young girl named Chembalaw was following me.  Mostly, she was laughing at my futile attempt to wash my clothes for the first time.  She and her friend Susan followed me into my room and almost immediately spotted my markers laying on my bed.  They settled right in and got to coloring.  Before long, they were playing with anything I would let them.  They were playing with my bandanas, my airplane pillow, or my phone.  It didn’t take much to entertain the two.  It was refreshing to see the two so happy at such simple pleasures.  As I’ve gotten to know Chembalaw better, she is the type of girl who is always smiling, always running around. When I come home from town, she will be the first to greet me with a huge bear hug.  She keeps my energy up.


In other news, on Saturday I took the older Chembalaw shopping.  She had some money sent from her sponsor.  We went shopping for about three hours.  She was so excited to poke around the market.  The kids rarely get to go shopping and buy new things just for themselves, so when they get a chance, they really take advantage of it.  She bought a lot of new things, and was particularly excited about getting a new phone.  It just goes to show how much the sponsors mean to these kids.

DSCF0584Lastly, we got a new volunteer the other day! His name is Wei, which is funny because wei in Swahili means “you.”  When one of the kids asked his name, there was a pretty hilarious lack of communication and she stared at him waiting to answer her question, not realizing he already had.  I took him into town yesterday and the kids spent all night in his room playing. He has adapted quickly and well, and we are excited to have him be a part of the IHF Nakuru family for the next month!


2 thoughts on “Simple Pleasures at Nakuru

  1. I am so happy to see read this, and learn a little more about little Chembalaw! I am her medical sponsor, and I look forward to seeing new photos of her every month! Thanks for sharing this! It really made my day!!!

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