Dreams in Nakuru

by Alice, Voluntourist, IHF Kenya

‘Dream’, maybe it is a little bit difficult for the children at the Kenya IHF Center to think about it. More or less, the children there suffered because of their unfortunate past experience. However, if you see their shiny smiles, you would never believe how bad their lives were.

I want to introduce a lovely boy to you, he is Emmanuel. You can easily recognize him by his small size and the cutest smile!

picture 1‘What is this, Manu?’ I said curiously.
‘It is a motorbike’, he said.
‘Have you ever thought about buying one in the future?’ I said.
‘Hehe’. He chuckled somewhat shyly and kept drawing.

For most people, at first sight, they can not even recognize that it is a motorcycle. But to Manu, it may be one of the most beautiful things in the world. That is his DREAM.

Now, let me show you another picture drawn here at the Center:

picture 2It is a kind of African flower, but Loboo shows much creativity in painting it. And the use of different colors and patterns makes it vivid.

No matter what they have faced once, we must be aware of the dreams in their eyes!


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