A first week at IHF Bali

by Jason, Voluntourist, IHF Bali

Hi, I’m Jason, I’m a fresh volunteer at the IHF Center in Bali and this is my view and experience in the first week here. Let me show you some pictures of this trip.

The first one is the beach under the sunset, how amazing it is!

Nueva imagen (2)

And the second and third pictures are from the outside of the Center’s yard, it is silent and peaceful without any doubts:

Nueva imagen (3) Nueva imagen (4)

Now you must get the environment where we live in. Is it beautiful? No matter if you are a volunteer or a student here, we all feel happy and have fun in this peaceful environment.

The second part is about the life and work here. The next picture will show you how people organize their jobs and work.

Nueva imagen (5)

And also this picture shows you the situation inside this Center, wood makes you feel warm and relax.

Basically, we teach children English and computer here; they all love to say hello to us with warm hearts and good faith. And they are also eager to communicate with you, which makes you feel comfortable and satisfied.



How do you feel about IHF Bali after reading this story? Come on and join us!


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