Making friends in Aceh

by Ning, Jenny, Amie and Vincent, Voluntourists, IHF Aceh

It is a wonderful experience to stay here. As soon as we arrived at the Aceh’s airport, we were attracted by the beautiful sightseeing. Then, the kind driver took us to the IHF Center, where we were warimage (1) (3)mly welcomed by many friends. Our director, Jessica showed us around the house and patiently answered our many questions. Except for us, there are four other volunteers here, Julie, Amy, Jie and Quan. We had a nice dinner together in the living room, like a family. In the following few days, we also made some local friends. The local volunteers are all friendly and passionate. We usually go to a local restaurant, a coffee shop or a museum together. Our new friends here help us a lot with information about living in Aceh, teaching children and other things. We really appreciate meeting them.

Before the start of our teaching job, we were asked to attend the other volunteers’ classes. This helped us to fit in the Center’s routine quickly. These children are so lovely and enthusiastic. We all enjoy the time we spend with them. Sometimes, they are noisy and naughty, but they always have the most beautiful smiles on their faces.

image (2) (1)We also took part in some very interesting activities with some new friends. On Sunday, we went to the beach and joined a fantastic campfire party. We meet some interesting people and we also got some advice.


It’s so great to be a volunteer here! We think it’s important to contribute to the education of children. In addition, living within a new culture provides a new way to consider and evaluate our culture and former life.



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