Lovely Kids Here In IHF Bali

by Mark L., Voluntourist, IHF Bali

It was really something out of my imagination for me to decide to go to the IHF Bali Center. Before coming, I couldn’t have expected what I am enjoying here: a beautiful view, friendly people, and of course, lovely kids.

There are different levels for kids of different ages to choose from: SD1 to Senior. I want to introduce Epa (SD1) and Putu (Senior), since they are good examples of the kids here.

Epa is a seven-year-old girl, living in the village beside our center. She is a hard-working girl and attends almost all the classes here at the Center. It is hard for local children to come to every class, since they need to do other work to help their families, but Epa makes it happen. In class, she always helps the other students to understand the lesson. She is also very active, which means that she dares to communicate with us, volunteers, about her interesting experiences, her friends and her family. This makes every class more interesting. I believe that if Epa can keep her excellent performance, she will have a good future.


Putu is the oldest one here. He is 17 years old —It may be better if we call him a ‘teenager’. He is not only a student, but also a waiter in a restaurant. He has already begun taking his responsibility of caring for his family, but Putu doesn’t give up learning and he does a good job, especially in English. What impresses me most is that he told me that he wants to learn more about the outside world. He hopes he can make his hometown a better place. It may be a very big dream, but I think a society moves forward because of the people who dare to dream. It is the same for Putu.


If you want to know more about these lovely kids, please join us in IHF Bali. All the kids here will welcome your coming!

IMG_0821 IMG_0822 IMG_0820


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