Gifts for Chiang Rai

by Esme, Co-Director, IHF Chiang Rai

Week 2 and I’m starting to get used to things now. It has been a normal school week for everyone. All the children here have been very helpful with the cleaning and helping to cook. The yard is difficult to keep clean because of the constant rain, but the boys are doing a good job.

photo 2

This week we welcomed our work-study volunteer from China, Guanjin, who came with gifts for the children. All the girls now have new T-shirts to wear, thank you!

As well as a volunteer, we welcomed a donor from England, Jiten, who has been travelling around Thailand and came to the IHF Centre. He decided he wanted to contribute to the Centre and so, we went with him to Big C and helped fill his trolley! The boys now have a new T-shirt each, and for everyone there are lots of snacks, stationary items for school, and toiletries. To top it off, we also had KFC bought for the children, a favourite food for a lot of them. We really appreciate the generous donation, thank you very much!

photo 1

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