‘Pass it On’ in Aceh

by Jessica, Co-Director, IHF Banda Aceh

The month of June was spent in preparation for our students’ Final Exams and eventual ‘Pass It On’ celebration. As we got the help from international and local volunteers alike, we were able to get all the grading completed, certificates created, as well as prizes organized to congratulate our students for finishing their year in IHF.

On the day of the ‘Pass It On’ ceremony, several students showed up early, some with cakes, cookies, and biscuits to share with all. Once everyone had shown up, we divided our students into different groups, and assigned them to different “game stations” led by our volunteers. The students got an opportunity to relax and enjoy their time with their peers and simply be kids!


After that, we all went to the backyard and had some delicious food. Bunda, our cook, made some fried rice (nasi goreng) for all available, and all volunteers were busy for the next thirty minutes serving the students and parents.


Finally, it was time for the ceremony. We called the students who earned the highest 3 ranking positions to come and get their certificates and prizes. However, for the students who did not get the highest scores, we still prepared some gifts for them, and we made sure that no child went home empty-handed.


As we took one final picture of all the students and volunteers together, we realized how precious and close our IHF family has been growing. We hope that the students can continue to come to the IHF Aceh Center for the new school year, starting in August, as well.


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