‘Pass it On’ in Jakarta

by Mindaugas, Co-Director, IHF Jakarta

We had a really busy week. Starting from June 16th, we held exams for our IHF students. From June 16th to June 18th we only held math exams, and from June 19th to June 21st we had English exams. Unfortunately, the attendance wasn’t as good as we expected and it can be explained due to children having a holiday and leaving the Jakarta city with their families. Some classes were full as usual, but some had less kids than we anticipated.

The exams were conducted very seriously, and at least two volunteers were supervising it, thus the children did not have a chance to copy answers from their friends. If a class had lots of students, then we would move half of them to a different place, so nobody sits in pairs and etc.

At the same time, we were preparing for the ‘Pass it On’ ceremony, which we had on June 22nd, just right after the exams. Saturday was a really busy day as the last exam finished at 6 PM, then we had to allo20140622_131412cate the places, sign the certificates and make sure that everything was ready for Sunday! We had five UNNC volunteers helping us and all of them, and obviously us —long term volunteers, had the tasks allocated efficiently, thus it wasn’t too hard!

However, some of us felt unwell on Saturday, we think we ate something that did not agree with us. Fortunately, this ‘Pass it On’ ceremony did not require as much energy as the previous one.

Due to the holidaIMG_4660y, we did not have many children attending, only around 40-50. As usual, Ade opened the ceremony and, one by one, we invited the children who had the best scores to come to “the stage” to collect the certificates and the presents. All of the children that did not get a certificate were given a notebook and a pencil, so nobody was left without a present!


After the official ceremony, we all went to watch a movie! We had a projector and good speakers, therefore we could enjoy good sound and video quality! The movie we chose was ‘Frozen’. Everyone had many sweets, tea and popcorn during the movie! The little ones couldn’t stay up for so long and eventually went to play something instead, while SD4 to SMP students stayed until the end and finished the movie!


It seemed like everyone had a great time!




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