‘Pass it On’ in Medan

by Rafa, Co-Director, IHF Medan

Last week was highlighted by the arrival of three new volunteers from China, the final exams and especially by our “Pass it On” ceremony.

The volunteers have been quite active in the house, talking with the students, playing, helping by doing some instructional posters and supervising the final exams as well.

The previous days to the ‘Pass it On’ ceremony, we proceeded to finish the outer wall in the main entrance. The remaining paint is still today in our hands, reminding us of a job well done. 

image (8)

On Saturday afternoon at 5 PM —joining the Indonesian punctuality— the “Pass it On” ceremony started. The party began with a few games, in which the children had to carry marbles on spoons, that are held in their mouths, and walk quickly from one point to another. One of the other games was very funny. They had to eat, without using their hands, a traditional Indonesian biscuit hanging from strings. Many of them were eager to participate and those who didn’t do it really enjoyed watching the others.

 image (9)???????????????????????????????

Once we concluded with the games, a “Bob Sponge” natural size character got into the room, he warmly greeted and played with all the children. Lots of kids took photos with him. Subsequently, an excellent magician and better entertainer, with enthusiasm, cheered up the party with his tricks and loquacity.

image (7) image (12)

When we started giving the prizes to the top three students of each class with the best scores, the magician himself, caught by the atmosphere, stayed with us and even became a funny Master of the ceremony. 


As a kind of farewell to our outgoing co-director Astrid, the kids and mothers gave her hugs, gifts, and of course lots of photos were taken. It really was very touching and kind of them.

image (10)



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